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Here we see Farrah (far left) in her room at her off-campus housing.Sadly, she didn’t stay there for the duration of her degree.A photo of Farrah reached the desk of David Mirisch, a Hollywood agent, who proceeded to beg Farrah to come out to Los Angeles. Well, the picture was posed for in 1976 just before she reached the dizzying heights of stardom with Charlie’s Angels.Fawcett turned him down time after time but was finally convinced during her junior year at the university. Millions of copies of that specific poster were bought (probably for millions of teenage boys’ walls) and it has since become the best selling poster of all time.You might be surprised to learn that things weren’t always peachy for the glamorous Charlie’s Angel.From her breakthrough into fame with THAT poster through to her passing away in 2009, we follow the story from where it all began.Farrah Fawcett attended the University of Texas in Austin in 1965 where she began studying for a degree in microbiology.

The actress, artist, and model rose to fame in the 1970s and continued to make the front pages of magazines and newspapers for decades to come.Beneath all of the stories, the interviews, and the on-off relationships, what was she really like?Here are all of the facts you could possibly need to know about Farrah Fawcett…Along with featuring in films, TV-movies, and even on Broadway.Her face seemed to always be on the front page of papers; sometimes out of choice and sometimes simply out of scandal.

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