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Irene Fah is today's hot Asian girl in lingerie, outdoors somewhere in exotic Thailand showing off her erotic body.

Irene always looks great in heels as she does here, those long feet of hers make her legs look longer than they already are when all pumped up.

I'm not sure if that came first or if she caught a photographers eye on stage as she is also a popular coyote dancer in those big coyote bars they have in Bangkok and area.

I don't think she's done porn before though I have seen a very hot video of her performing simulated sex in a couple of scenes.I recall Irene making that category a couple times in the past, that's if we've gotten things proper and sorted in the category category.We be a lil lazy round these parts, so lazy we skip on consonans here and there.We don't know a lot about Thailand other than they have really hot women there who wear next to nothing due to the sweltering heat. I'm sure you'll all recognize this hot Asian girl in the jungle as Miss Irene Fah, one of the most posted babes on our little site.I think it's safe to say her popularity here is due to her having two of the nicest boobs on the web.

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- Photoset Titles: iren01 to iren04, iren05, iren06 to iren11, iren12, iren13 to irene18 - Video Titles: The Black Alley as Irene Fah: TBA has only 8 photosets of Irene, so far.

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