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I am so tired of guy’s like this writing article’s thinking they speak for every other gay man out there. At 53, I have recently decided to get myself dry-cleaned and put together for another run at dating. your article fails to take that into consideration .I gave up a long time ago, I try to find joy in just being alive in 2017 the majority of my friends dont have that luxury.

My friends are great company and the majority of them are single as well.However, if that were true, everyone would eventually wind up in a relationship, right? And it’s that eventual realization that perhaps leads some people – myself included – to simply give up on the whole idea. If one can pass through 30 years of adult life without finding a long-term partner – whilst living in a major metropolis – then there are usually reasons besides simply chance at not finding ‘the one’.Norton ponders whether it’s because he has been a workaholic who has always put his career first.The motivation to once again climb aboard that particular emotional merry-go-round is simply absent. Maybe the advent of same-sex marriage has brought the issue to the fore.It’s fantastic that same-sex couples can now get married in many countries, and I’m hugely happy for all the people I know who have taken advantage of this fact. The notion of getting married has seemed to me about as remote as winning the Lottery; a wonderful thing that may happen one day but not something I’m holding my breath for.

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