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I’m currently trying to go to college for manufacturing maintenance.

Here is a little bit about me: Born & raised in Philadelphia, PA; lived in Doylestown PA; Baton Rouge and now Kentucky.

She did not want me to let my grief stop me from living a full and new life. I am an avid reader, like doing crossword puzzles and crocheting.

We shared 49 wonderful, happy years together until her death from heart failure on December 28, 2017. Before her passing she strongly encouraged me to try to make new friends after her death. I am best described as an aging hippie chick, community organizer, LGBTQ activist , Trekker, free spirit, live in the moment person.

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basketball bowling and skating and fishing.I smoke and drink and I have a man now looking for a girlfriend I have a bit of a hard exterior but a soft interior to those I actually let in; it's just a defense mechanism I think. but confident and compassionate to those who get to know the real me. I love horror films and all kinds of games - board, card, video. I have three passions in life - cats, traveling and bringing out the best in people. I met my late wife Mary Ellen on our first day of high school in 1968.

Some say I'm too honest some say that pretty girly and feminine to be a what you would call boy girl I guess I had to stop there for about 5 minutes because I wasn't sure what to call or label myself because I'm definitely not a mason jar but I can somebody materz, take care of my own business apologize when wrong except when I'm wrong will take advice and listen will rock your world and possibly turn it all the way upside down and I have a double feature screen and no it's not like a double personality the only disorders here is impulsive anxiety disorder I don't think before act or speak on some occasions and if I don't catch myself in the process of making a air and you do I greatly appreciate it but I'm probably going to catch myself first and apologize for it without knowing how to fix anything about it. :) I have two kids, work at an factory, my birthday says in 1995 but it’s really August 1994. I’m currently working out a lot trying to lose my chubbieness. I don’t do studs nor do I smoke or think it’s attractive.

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I can’t stand talking about myself because it ends up sounding so arrogant and pretentious, but this is a situa.. Age is not important but I love a woman that keeps herself in shape.

I believe that communication is very important in a relationship. Goals: My goal is to find the one for me and move on with our lives and have kids and get marr..

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