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Though this attempt ultimately failed, Motoko continued to support Keitaro and Naru’s relationship even if she herself didn’t understand their attraction.During the Beach Café Hinata’s rendition of The Journey to the West, where Motoko played the role of Gojou Sa; the water demon, Motoko issued a martial challenge to Seta.When Naru and Keitaro decided to travel Japan after having failed their entrance exams, and after Kaolla and Shinobu went after them, Kitsune convinced Motoko to team up and go after them as well.However, instead of searching for Keitaro and the other girls, Kitsune began sampling the different foods along their travels; using Motoko as a source of income by having her demonstrate her martial skills in public shows.The two would eventually run into Kaolla and Shinobu in Kyoto where the four of them would then venture to Okinawa to find Naru and Keitaro.Returning back to Hinata House, Motoko’s turtle-phobia was revealed when Tama, the hot-springs turtle Naru and Keitaro brought back with them from Okinawa, ventured through the residents’ rooms and causing Motoko to faint due to panic.

Her irritation with him came to a peak when, affected by a cold, she challenged him to a kendo duel in an attempt to get rid of him.

Though the duel was extensive she was ultimately defeated by Seta when she had become surprised by his knowledge of the Shinmei ryu school.

She began to notice that her skills were deteriorating when even Tama managed to defeat her by catching her sword in mid-strike.

She returned to Hinata House after learning the Rock Splitting Spirit Sword, having become stronger due to her revelation.

Her new skill was called into usage to dispel Mutsumi’s bad luck, however the combined “bad luck” of Mutsumi, Naru and Keitaro proved too much for her to overcome.

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Body-wise she is physically capable of performing mystical techniques due to her ability to harness her ki energy for combat.

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