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The whole place feels kind of fake, but it is efficient and practical.To go there, it's only a short taxi ride from the city center.

The bars/clubs I recommend are Como (Tapas, lots of techno DJs), Arte Bar (non-commercial dance music and hip hop, hot girls) and Le Noir (great live music, older crowd).The low-point of KL nightlife for me is the generally poor atmosphere within nightclubs. Chinese go to Chinese clubs, Arabs to Arab Clubs, Indians to Indian clubs, etc.Within nightclubs, party-goers will stay in groups around tables and avoid any interactions with others. Even worse, you can feel racial tensions from time to time. The same evening, I received a copious amount of insults, again from very young Malays, because I had let my glass on their table.Each of them comes with a different stereotyped theme.You have a hipster bar, an Irish bar, a speakeasy, a small rooftop, a wine bar, a comedy club, a piano bar, an electro bar, an exotic bar, a shisha bar and an artsy bar.

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