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Heck, the same guy could go to the same spa and get the same massage girl twice and come away with a different impression each time.With that said generally things play out about the same on most visits.It should be pointed out if you hear someone talk about a ‘Anma in Seoul’ or ‘Korean Anma’ that means massage parlor.Not every trip to one of these places will be the same for each guy.In many other places there are always plenty of girls ready and you hit the ground running.Often times here you are left to sit and wait, it could be 10 minutes it could be an hour.

If you are picky and want to see a lineup you can try to ask for one, but if you don’t speak Korean good luck.

There are certainly more options than we are going to list in this post, but the ones listed here are generally ‘foreigner friendly’ meaning you don’t need to be Korean to go to them. You never know when somewhere in this city may decide to play the ‘Koreans only’ card and not allow foreign men to enter.

But with most of these erotic sex massage parlors in Seoul you should be fine.

We list the price that is asked, some guys may want to negotiate while others won’t.

One thing that is different about Seoul sex massage parlors is that you should expect there to be some waiting time after you get there.

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You will get a massage from an older lady (sometimes the receptionist) that will last a reasonable amount of time.

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