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The saying presupposes that there are Christians who hold the opinion that "Jesus came to abolish the Torah and the Prophets." The wording implies a particular interpretation of the redemptive mission of Jesus, what he 'came' to do on earth; Matthew believed Jesus was a great man, divine, and also the Messiah.

He set out in his writings to prove that Jesus was all of these things.

St Paul's messages about spreading the religion to gentiles, and sweeping away all the awkward and time-consuming Jewish customs, resulted in a debate over the status of the old laws.

During that debate, the opinion arose that Jesus had come to abolish the old laws.

Therefore, the gospel gives away the fact that it more of a theological argument than an historical account..

But when the Gospel of Matthew was written this debate had already started, and the clumsy author invents this part of Jesus' speech in order to make his particular theological point.

It is not hard to recognize here a polemical shot across the Pauline bow.

Up until that point no other text mentions Jesus' virgin birth.

He quotes Isaiah [KJV]" JQPU_Content="About: Yeshayahu / Isaiah / Isaias Isaiah which was written 700 years before Jesus was born - thus claiming it was a sign, a prediction of the messiah's virgin birth. Matthew states that, due to prophecy, it is true that Jesus was a male line descendant of King David, and presents a genealogy at the beginning of his gospel tracing Jesus' lineage through Joseph.

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It was written after the fall of the Jewish temple in 70.

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