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As he had in high school and college, Strahan, who stands 6'5", was quick to adapt to the competition and his new football environment.

During his second year in the league, he became a full-time starter for the Giants.

He was born in California and follows the Jewish ethnicity.

He was born to Linda and Kenneth who raised Zachary along with other two brothers of his.

Over the course of his long career, Strahan became one of the league's all-time QB sack leaders.

When teenagers gain popularity, they tend to be known among the young generation and gain huge attention in the whole industry and in the public media.

One such actor with a great height is Zachary Adam Gordon who is just eighteen years old and was born on the fifteenth of February.

We hope we will be able to find this actor in many more excellent shows and films in the years to come.

Zachary has a net worth of million dollars and that is huge for a young artist as himself. It is his dedication and hard work that has helped him reach where he has reached today.

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Following his retirement in 2008, Strahan eased into a new career in television.

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