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All doubts about his time with this prostitute evaporated as Sean enjoyed the feel of his cock in her warm, wet mouth.Smiling at the effect of her initial sucking, she began bobbing up and down his cock, using saliva and suction to maximize the pleasure.It was a woman, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.She was stunning, about 30 years old with caramel brown skin and smoldering black eyes, appearing to be a mix of some asian and Filipino.

" She whirled in surprise and looked him up and down, as if studying him. "No..." "Here," she interrupted, seemingly mildly irritated.

"I thought you were waiting for a cab," he said flatly. " she asked abruptly, gesturing with her head down the street. A super hot girl was taking him to a "spot" after asking him if he had a car? After about five minutes of walking they arrived at her "spot", an alley between some buildings next to a seemingly deserted road.

After she pulled him behind some trash cans, she turned to him. "It's 200." That was the final piece of the puzzle. The skimpy clothes, the question about the car, the "spot" in the alley.

His house was a few blocks from the downtown bars and it was a walk of only ten or twenty minutes or so.

However after a few minutes walking he saw something which caused him to halt in his tracks.

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