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I think Hetu has hit on an interesting topic; existing definitions are vague, as a number of us have indicated (see recent issue of Elements). K., eds., Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, Academic Press, London: 1290-1298. LIPs differ from non LIPs in that the process is finite in duration (the rates and volumes are not exceptional).I'm not sure that this is necessarily a bad thing – we've all tried to define the terms 'plume' or 'lithosphere' - but the definition should not be too all-embracing. This could, of course, reflect the size of the fertile blobs, or the duration of extension. An updated definition of LIP may be in order ( and plume! Lavoisier said that you cannot pretend to have a science unless you have a language and definitions.The main changes in thinking are papers on melting instabilities and on the possibility that high homologous temperature, rather than high absolute temperature, is the key variable.

Coffin & Eldholm 1994, 2001): Giant (LIP): The first three categories (giant, major, and substantial) qualify the size of what are generally considered large igneous provinces (LIPs), with (eruptive) volume estimates on the order of one to several million cubic kilometres[1].I am grateful to Ian Skilling, James White, and Thor Thordarson for valuable and thought-provoking reviews, and to Ninad Bondre, Kamal Sharma, Sarajit Sensarma and Gillian Foulger for several helpful comments.Without getting into a protracted debate, I find the new classification interesting but too broad.Dating these days comes with its own unique terminology.Ghosting, breadcrumbing, and gaslighting are all relationship phenomena people could run into when trying to find their next partner.

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