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Emily Ratajkowski has previously spoken about how she refuses to be "put into certain boxes" when it comes to the naked female body, commenting on how she is either "sexualised" or perceived as "vulgar and gross" for Emily Ratajkowski shocked us all last week when she revealed that she’d got married to Sebastian Bear-Mc Clard at New York City Hall in a very modest ceremony.

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“I love my butt, it’s my best asset,” adds Jessica.

“I’m short but curvaceous, with a tiny waist and a nice, round butt…doesn’t get better than that!

“To me, female sexuality and sexiness, no matter how conditioned it may be by a patriarchal ideal, can be incredibly empowering for a woman if she feels it is empowering to her. My life is on my terms and if I feel like putting on sexy underwear, it’s for me.

The way I dress, act, flirt, dance, have sex - those are my decisions and they shouldn't be impacted by men. Personal choice is the core ideal in my concept of feminism.

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