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Beginning in 2016, NBC Radio News has been distributed in conjunction with i Heart Media.The 1926 formation of the National Broadcasting Company was a consolidation and reorganization of earlier network radio operations developed by the American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T) beginning in 1922, in addition to more limited efforts conducted by the "radio group" companies, which consisted of the Radio Corporation of American (RCA) and its corporate owners, General Electric (GE) and the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company.The National Broadcasting Company's NBC Radio Network (known as the NBC Red Network prior to 1942) is a former American commercial radio network which was founded in 1926.Along with the NBC Blue Network it was one of the first two nationwide networks established in the United States.

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Country star Blake Shelton was headed into the semis with his remaining team of Chloe Kohanski, Keisha Renee and Red Marlow intact.

Adam was headed into the semifinals with Addison Agen and Adam Cunningham who advanced after finishing in the bottom two the past two weeks.

WEAF would serve as the key station for AT&T's network development.

Although the original plan was to build additional stations throughout the United States, the "broadcasting boom" of 1922 resulted in a total of over 500 assorted broadcasting stations by the end of the year, so AT&T only found it necessary to build one additional outlet, WCAP in Washington, D. AT&T's radio network, commonly called the "WEAF chain", was first developed in the northeastern United States.

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Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson was going into the next round with Noah Mac and Davon after his Instant Save win.

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