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Oh my god I'm a single mother who grew up in a dysfunctional home left at 13 travelled the world until I was 26 got knocked up in India came back home with nothing but a t- shirt and a pair of shorts ........

My daughter is graduating this year plays guitar , piano , speaks French fluently doesn't abuse booze , drugs , or sex is on her way to university and to changing the world for the better..,,,,,,,, I am in agreement that children from a single parent household do not always constitute as failures. All of us are now successful, higher educated individuals that are substance free. Yes, we look like the normal family, however, one thing the article does not really touch upon is the disruptive nature single parenting has on children and their view of family structure.

I've been getting some e-mails about her in the past week. Her latest claim, according to the "Living Single" readers who have gotten in touch with me, is that single mothers, together with liberals, are responsible for all of the nation's ills.

I agree with the traditionalists about stability: It is good for kids.So is the comfort of knowing that you can walk outside the door of your family home and have other adults who believe in you.Adults who have cared about you for as long as you can remember.The first is to let go of the fantasy that all children living in nuclear families have two totally engaged parents who lavish their love and attention on all their children, and on each other, in a home free of anger, conflict, and recriminations.The second is to grab onto a different sort of possibility - that many children living with single mothers have other important adults in their lives, too.

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