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I couldn’t believe I was actually looking forward to this. There they were standing in the lounge, all waiting for me. One glance from her reminded me to move my hands away from my cock and put them by my side but as I did all eyes locked onto my growing erection.Before Auntie had time to tell me what to do next Alison suggested that I should be punished out in the garden as that is where they had been enjoying their day.My room looked out over the back garden and I could hear their laughter.I was getting really fed up, stuck here with them having all the fun.“Sorry,” I began, “It was just meant to be a bit of fun. I didn’t have to wait long before Auntie appeared in the doorway.“It seems again that my friends are going to have to witness your punishment. Come down now, take off everything except your shirt.” I tingled with anticipation.As usual I could hear Auntie agreeing with Dad that it would alright to punish me according to family rules if need be.

Then I learnt that her half term was a week later so I was going to be on my own most of the time.

I aimed the gun up into the air and shot a fine spray out over the patio.

There were shrieks and each lady held out a hand in disbelief. Another blast and they started to clear away their chairs and all the paraphernalia, then just as I put out the pistol for a third blast Helen spotted me and called out to alert Auntie.

After lunch her friends started to arrive and I went to my bedroom.

It was such a lovely day they went out into garden and got out the sun chairs.

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