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There is also some disagreement as to what to call abbreviations that some speakers pronounce as separate letters and others pronounce as a word.

For example, the terms URL and IRA can be pronounced as individual letters or as a single word.

For example, the official name for the Roman Empire, and the Republic before it, was abbreviated as SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus).

Acronyms pronounced as words, however, may be a twentieth century phenomenon.

Some style guides continue to require such apostrophes—perhaps partly to make it clear that the lower case s is only for pluralization and would not appear in the singular form of the word, for some acronyms and abbreviations do include lowercase letters. Possessive plurals that also include apostrophes for mere pluralization and periods may appear especially complex: for example, the C. Some see this as yet another reason that the correct usage of apostrophes is only for possessives and not for plurals.The rapid advance of science and technology in recent centuries seems to be an underlying force driving the usage, as new inventions and concepts with multiword names create a demand for shorter, more manageable names. An initialism may have different meanings in different areas of industry, writing, and scholarship.This has led some to obfuscate the meaning either intentionally, to deter those without such domain-specific knowledge, or unintentionally, by creating an initialism that already existed.The word is colinderies or colinda, an acronym for the Colonial and Indian Exposition held in London in that year." Acronyms and initialisms are used most often to abbreviate names of organizations and long or frequently referenced terms.The armed forces and government agencies frequently employ initialisms (and occasionally, acronyms), (a well known English-language example being the "alphabet agencies" created by Franklin D. Business and industry also are prolific coiners of acronyms and initialisms, seeking to make their products or brand name more memorable.

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