Online dating dealbreakers

It’s easy to cluck your tongue and say that you should be able to get past it if you love each other enough…

right up until the one who realizes that your family and friends are avoiding you because they hate your girlfriend.

And on occasion, that price is too great for you to be willing to pay it, no matter how you may feel about somebody. If their dealbreakers exclude And to be fair, finding out that somebody doesn’t want to date you because of something out of your control – your height, for example – can feel insulting on a personal level.

Men may make jokes about women having too high expectations for a potential boyfriend, but don’t blink twice at the idea of not dating a woman because her breasts are the wrong size or because she wouldn’t have sex as soon as they would like.

Whenever someone bemoans their singlehood and mentions that they’ll “take anyone”, it usually comes with the silent assumption of “…that I’m actually attracted to.” It’s taken as a given that you wouldn’t want to date someone who actively repulsed you… Every relationship comes with a price of entry, because nobody’s perfect.

Nobody gets 100% of what they want in a partner; you get anywhere from 60% – 90% and round up because they’re just that worth it.

But while some things on our dating wish-list are “It would be nice if,” others are “must haves” and still more are “absolutely must not”.

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