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He is the kind-hearted gentleman, that “just wants to get to know you.” He wants to know about all the past men that you have dealt with and wants to be different than the others and “show you that he different.” He gets you right to the place of vulnerability and then BOOM you sitting there with your credit score at 425, his car in YOUR name, and you about to cuss out your second baby mama for the year.

But you don’t see it coming because he was just so sweet, and he was always there for you, and well heaven forbid you actually needed something he would be RIGHT there willing to be “whatever you needed.” Sis, listen to me, do not do it!

The first online date I ever went on was with a guy I met on Ok Cupid.Then, I walked down the block and waited for Bud outside the restaurant.When he showed up, I realized that he was at least two inches shorter than the 5'9" height he'd listed on his profile.This is not a bad concept ladies, it shows you how he will treat you in the future.But if he is worrying about sneaking you into his home when you come over at 10 pm…then there may be some read flags you need to watch out for Queens.

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