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And I thought that at my age it's too late to think about women and relationships. If to be honest, I was surprised that I was very popular among the women. We are going to change the little game of Barney Stinson and to make it in the following way: you have a google form with some names in there, your task is to describe those people, their personality traits, their features, their appearance, whatever you find essential about them.I always wanted to give all what I have to the lady I love, but I couldn’t find the one right for me. She supports, understands me and above all loves me. If you want to get success here you may follow only one rule: Keep remind to yourself that you are here for love! It passed 3 years till I understood this one golden rule. Just a meeting between two people who were so opened during communication on website and a little bit closed during first meeting. next day the other lady woke up my tender feeling to her... As you can see it is really challenging to keep your goal on your mind. Cause of that I can't say that our first meeting was like a firework in the starry sky. I was trying to use a lot of dating websites and other thing but this didn’t help. And then after all searching I started to use this site.

The reason why I say this is because I didn’t even mean to look at her profile, and I knew that she lived too far away, but I messaged her and we started talking. Now 3 years later we are engaged and getting married next year. I was so happy to have met the soul mate of my life. At first I was against such idea, but then I decided to see what it was all about. It was too much efforts, money, time for being declined and return home with nothing. The other woman met me but she was very cold and was nothing in common with that funny and sunny woman with whom I was chatted for a year. But what if something will go wrong after first real meeting? As I predicted, one woman could not meet up when I was in her city. Since then I finally arranged a meeting with three women from this website. I know that we are looking for only one woman here.

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I received many letters from girls, but only one of them made my heart beating faster. We communicated for a year and after that I decided that we have to live together.

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