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She is saving as much as she can from her earnings and plans to start her own business selling sweets, betel nut or cigarettes.

In the meantime, she has regular blood tests and counselling at the children's charity where Bertha volunteers.

But she also points out that many girls who insist on using condoms will simply be raped without one anyway, and often beaten up as well.Some of these women alleged they were raped repeatedly by drunken police in uniform during the next three days before community workers managed to raise bail of about K2000 (A0) and secure their release.At one such 'club' where I am talking to Susan, it is lunch-time midweek and men are beginning to mill around drinking beer bought from a small barred window and playing pool with the girls on several tables.The workers also suffered physical beatings in high numbers: Almost 70 per cent reported being bashed in the past year, most often from relatives (43 per cent), but also their husbands (27 per cent) and others they knew.With the ever-present threat of HIV/AIDS - the most recent reports suggest rates are increasing at almost 30 per cent year in parts of PNG - Bertha's safe sex advice could be the difference between life and death for vulnerable girls whose own families and loved ones have turned their backs on them.

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'I don't think these are good men.'More than 100 women of varying ages use this guesthouse's rooms for sex work (priced at K50/hour (A$23) or K150/overnight (A$71), according to the establishments owner, who spoke openly on the condition his name was not published.

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