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The civilising influence which the mere presence of a missionary has upon the native population, and the fact that all the native schools in Papua are conducted by missionaries, together with the devoted assistance which the missions have given in combating the epidemics with which the territory has been visited, constitute in my opinion a sufficient answer to the contention that the missionaries have done no good, but, upon broader grounds, I think not only that missions do good, but that they are absolutely necessary to the development of backward races.An uncivilised people who come into contact with Europeans will inevitably be led, sooner or later, to abandon their old customs and beliefs, many of which are admirable, and have served as a guide for generations of men and women in the past, and, when these are gone, the "native" (as we call him) is lost, unless some one is there to put some form of religious teaching in their place.My imagination goes wild when it comes to fucking and I want to meet a guy on fuckbook that can appreciate that and bring out my fun and kinky nature. I love having fun with the right guy (or girl) of course!I am a chick that loves to go wild and have a good time. My mind is open among other things and I LOVE chocolate! Which is why I’m on Fuckbook so that I can find a real man that can satisfy my wild teen ways. If you’re the right guy and we hook up then I can promise that you’ll have the best time with me!

Miss Grimshaw's fascinating work, "The New New Guinea," treats, as its name implies, only of the recent development of the territory; Dr.

The Government obviously cannot do this, and it is not likely that the majority of the settlers will, and, unless the missionary is there to help him, the native is left like a ship without a rudder, and will run a great risk of being wrecked in the sea of an alien civilisation. These considerations are, of course, quite independent of the question whether Christianity is true; personally I believe that it is and this may perhaps induce me to form an exaggerated estimate of its influence, but I cannot help thinking that, even if I did not believe as I do, I should, from a purely administrative point of view, entertain exactly the same opinion as regards the necessity of some form of missionary teaching at the present stage of the Papuan's evolution.

This is one reason why I think that missions are necessary, and another is that Christianity is an integral part of our civilisation, and when we are imposing that civilisation upon a people who would perhaps much sooner be without it, we should at least impose it in its entirety, and not leave out what many persons would consider the best part. Having lived so long in the territory, I have an uneasy feeling that I am too close to Papua and the Papuans to see them in their true proportions, in which case I am not likely to have succeeded in my attempt to describe them to others, but I shall not have written in vain if I can excite a sympathetic interest in the little-known but often attractive inhabitants of a beautiful and fertile land. PREFACE INTRODUCTION CHAPTER I—PAPUAN GEOGRAPHY General description—Owen Stanley Range—Northern rivers—The Mambare and the Gira—Buna and Yodda District—From Cape Endaiadere to Collingwood Bay—Hydrographer's Range—Cape Nelson—Milne Bay and Samarai—The islands at the East End—The Trobriands—D'Entrecasteaux Group—Woodlark Island—Louisiade Archipelago—The South Coast westward to Port Moresby.

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