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They return to Sheepshead Bay, a waterfront neighborhood in an idyllic corner of Brooklyn, they find out Jack’s father has passed away– thus saddling them with a possibly haunted house.

When the couple strikes up an unlikely friendship with Oscar and Gertie Linares, their straight-laced next-door neighbors, it seems the ghosts of Jack’s past have slipped away.

When Ricky invites his teacher to his family vacation home in the hopes of finding some answers and clarity, Ricky’s mother and daughter learn the truth about their relationship and the teacher’s misdeeds.

A tense, bloody confrontation ensues, compelling the family to contend with their past, while looking ahead to a future that might have a glimmer of hope.

A contemporary love story about fidelity, maturity, and the masochism of online dating, Zero Feet Away explores whether the direction of progress is best guided by endless choice or singular commitment.

Ten years after the events of Sandbar, the Santangelo and Linares families face a grim turning point.

Do you think the government will be there for you in the middle of a crisis?

If they can’t handle the emergency response after a Category 1 hurricane, what will this country look like when the economic and fiscal crisis comes to a head?

THE DOOLEY STREET PLAYS is a decades-spanning series of supernatural dramas centered around two families enmeshed in a shared history of love and violence in a haunted pocket of Brooklyn.

Between the Sandbar and the Shore: The First Dooley Street Play (Drama; 5 female-identifying roles, 3 male-identifying roles) 1981. He’s fresh off a heroin detox, she’s two months pregnant and suddenly, their choice to live off the grid as gutter punks on New York’s Lower East Side isn’t an option anymore.

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