Pinay nude pictures on cam

They are the favorite topics of many sites, like here on .

Modeling wasn’t really big in the country ten or eight years back.

We’ll soon be adding more of your favorite nude Pinay models profiles in this photo collection.

For the meantime, do check out Wazakiki’s various entries about the Philippine’s finest and hottest Filipina pin-up babes which you can see below.

If they are lucky (and hot enough), they could also catch the attention of mainstream media (just like what happened with Ellen Adarna).

Showing a lot of skin and being part of the nude Pinay models has become a major factor in becoming one of the most successful lady in the pin-up biz.

It was on this era that these ladies started popping out via social networking sites.

Many posers back then where labeled ‘camwhores’ or person who loves spending so much time in front of their camera.

Some made it as their part-time job while others pursued it as their career path.

Early social networking sites such as My Space, Multiply, and specially provided as the proving grounds for both amateur photographers and these topless Pinay models.

It was the introduction of the Premiere Vixens and search for its official members that really made modeling get more attention.

There were already a handful of pin-up babes in the country that are posing for the cameras and known on the internet back in late 2008 and early 2009.

Their exposure was helped by most photographers having proper equipment and uploading their model’s photos on the world wide web.

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