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They have wireless clients unplugging from Ethernet and dashing to conference rooms, then closing their laptop and heading home. And there are addresses from their home network as well. They may have an address from the coffee shop’s subnet as well. All validly registered, but only one address really works.The client starts a VPN session and continues working… Lets count: The Ethernet connection from the office has one. The worker calls the helpdesk to get assistance with some application on the machine.IT has to open up the DNS console, find all the records for that machine, figure out which is the most recent, and delete the rest.One of my customers was getting calls like that 8-10-20 times a day. We need to actually manage the address space properly. Before starting anything, we made sure that scavenging was not enabled on ANY of the DNS servers in the environment.If you need to update and manage these historical resources, click here to to find out how.Check the Domains FAQ if you don't find what you're looking for.The domains troubleshooter in Office 365 will show you any records that need fixing, and exactly what the records need to be set to.

Is there any way to get that to work or will I have tocreate each pointer individually? It was bad enough that they got orders to ”Fix that problem! Since this is a production network, we had to carefully do this step by step, avoiding any disruption to operations. I sent the customer info on scavenging – which covers the basics.It lists the DNSCmd operation required to reset scavenging on all servers for individual zones.There, we encourage network operators to update whois registration records accordingly to ensure that the registry information is accurate and up to date.If you need to update records for the Internet resources managed under your APNIC account, you can update them via My APNIC.

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