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At other times, people of color say they're treated like an exotic novelty.If that's not depressing enough, these men also face a health crisis.Scales maintains that while conversations about the impact of racism in dating are worthwhile and it “rings true” that gay men often aren't welcomed to date outside their own race, such debates are "missing the point," as they do little to stem the HIV crisis.Instead, he points to racial disparities in health outcomes.That fight is "impossible," says Lamont Scales, a public health analyst-coordinator for gay, bisexual, and other MSM activities of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's division of HIV/AIDS prevention.

Are these two factors — racism in dating and the HIV crisis — related? A 2014 study shows among black men who have sex with men, 45 percent of sexual encounters were with other black men.But that requires forcing policymakers to address how systemic racism has limited the health opportunities in minority communities, so that they can obtain access to care. But the most revolutionary tools for prevention aren't making it to gay and bisexual black men.For example, the CDC and the World Health Organziation both endorse pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP) as essential in preventing the spread of HIV.“Black gay and bisexual men experience poor health outcomes compared to white gay and bisexual men,” he states frankly.“They are more infectious because the health care system has failed to be able to provide quality care for black gay and bisexual men.” A 2012 report from the CDC shows black gay and bi men who are HIV-positive are less likely to be on antiretroviral medication and have higher viral loads than their white counterparts, making it easier to pass HIV on to others.

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