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Before I hear about the "War on Christmas" from anyone else this year I want to share something...If the worst thing you have to deal with is a nativity being removed from a city hall, a cross taken down from a tree on the city square, or any other number of stories about the ACLU "ruining Christmas" remember the Bible says, Matt.Still, there are many people that prefer to only date within their race. Now, from a dating perspective, things get a little trickier.Simply having a preference toward a specific group in no way makes a person racist.Therefore the first persons arrested were those who confessed; then on their information, a great multitude was convicted not so much on the charge of setting fire as on hatred of the human race.Mockeries were added to their deaths, so that wrapped in the skins of wild animals they might die torn to pieces by dogs, or nailed to crosses they were burned to death to furnish light at night when day had ended.

it's not Obama, it's not the Democrats, it's not the Supreme Court it's just the world being the world.” “Yeah, these black guys started talking to me -- and I had had, like, seven beers at this point -- and they asked me to use my tube or something.” “Oh?” “Yeah, so I called them a bunch of porch monkeys and they got so mad! In retrospect, it shouldn't have been difficult to state quite clearly what was wrong, but in the moment, it was.Despite the fact that we shared a similar taste in music and hair dye, we never used to hang out.Anyway, she walked in and we instantly recognized each other. came about during a walk in the local game reserve.

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Any time that we delve into discussions about race it's a sensitive issue.

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  1. Abu Dawud vol.1 no.371 p.96 Barirah was a female slave of A'isha's, whom she later freed. Rather he married someone who otherwise would have been married to someone else.