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I first visited this topic in December 2014 in a post called The Vostok Ice Core: Temperature, CO2 and CH4 [1].For background information on Vostok, readers are directed to that post.The absence of coupling may be explained by the different bio-geochemical pathways these gasses have in the biosphere – ocean – atmosphere system.The Vostok Ice core is one of the finest geochemical data sets ever assembled.So far, all indications are that the universe is flat, so it’s either infinite or so big that the curvature can’t be detected by our equipment (kinda like how the curvature of the Earth can’t be detected by just looking around, because the Earth is so big). However, in the open case it’s a touch more difficult to picture how the Big Bang worked.

That old light will still be everywhere, shooting in every direction.Phrases like “suddenly exploded out of a point” makes it sound like you could have been floating around, biding your time playing solitaire and checking email in a vast void, and then Boom! ”) a whole lot of stuff suddenly appears nearby and expands.If the Big Bang and the expansion of the universe were as straightforward as an explosion and things flying away from that explosion, then the earliest light would be on the front of our ever-expanding universe.The math behind that is pretty easy to deal with, but it’s still harder to imagine.A detailed analysis of temperature, CO2 and methane variations from the Vostok ice core is presented for the time interval 137,383 to 102,052 years ago.

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The view of the universe that physicists work with today involves space expanding, as opposed to things in space flying apart.

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