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Opposites Attract- Bonnie Dee Best Night Ever Series (Best Night Ever & Best Night Ever II- Never Again)- Keara Kevay Shadows Forge Series (Three Times A Hero, Trials on Tour, Retaking America, The Long Way Home)- Jena Galifany- series about a Rock Band I loved, loved, loved this one!

I Am Nobody- Emma Hillman- book about a band M/F/M Gilded Cage- Alexandra Richland Groupies- Nico Servis Shadows Steal The Light- Christine London After Midnight- Sarah Grimm Apassionato- Erin M.

Who would have thunk there were so many rock star books. Adams Primal Song (Cajun Heat, Book One) by Danica Avet Under His Skin by Sidney Bristol Fallen Star Trouble by Autumn Piper Marry Me by Karen Stivali The Reunion (Glam Metal) by Anna Daly-Mc Cabe Homeward Bound by Kat Attalla Here the last of them.

We’ll all be in a retirement home by the time we finish all these books. I’ll still keep my eye out for more, it was actually fun. 5 stars, couldn’t get it out of my head – lived it for months after finishing and it almost ruined me for any future rock star romance books! Talking about Kellan Kyle, I just finished Avoiding Commitment by KA Linde. Look over these, you may not want them all, but a lot of them look good.

Oh Lord I’m on a roll now and just want to share what I’ve read Dark Secrets of the Heart- Margaret Marr Mad About the Boy- Kathleen Drummond Rhapsody- Mahalia Levey The Answer- Twila Meeus Piece of Me- Cadence Coursey Flashback- Jane Richardson Emmons Chasing Eden- Kristin Daniels Daddy Left Me Alone With God- Robin Slick Secret Dreams- Heather Peters For The Love Of Music- M Okay I know I have more and I will dig those out and share.

By the way ALL of these are on Amazon and I bought for my Kindle.

I apologize if there are duplicates I tried to match them up and ensure there weren’t but you never know Beautiful Music Series (Daze on End, Interlude C, Finding Chords)- Faith Talbot- MMF series about a band with some paranormal aspects Four Aces- Suzanne Graham Finding Her Rhythm- Ciana Stone Nashville Naughty- Bethany Michaels- this is a series and there is one book before this one that is just as good!

LOL Private Love in a Public Place by Toni Kenyon (wild rock star with new female manager – looks good) Sophie’s Turn (book 1, The Rock Star Romance Trilogy) by Nicky Wells – This is a new trilogy and the reviews are great Hillbilly Rockstar by Christina Routon Heartbreakers by Caitlyn Willows (paper edition anthology for the following ebooks): What About Love? I can’t believe all you have left to post is the Sept. Now, lets get to ROCKIN’ AND READIN’ Omg this is indeed a long ass list yayyyyy !! I recently finished Fallin Stars by Sadie Grubor and really enjoyed it – the ending was a bit anti-climatic, but I still enjoyed it – cried, laughed, raged. And at some point her heroine Lexi is wearing a D-Bag t-shirt. I think Kellan DOES really exist And I’m crazy about him! Now you the “Rock Star Blog Queen” The Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill (a haunted Rock Star with a little romance; Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son) Punk Rox Warrior (Siren Publishing Classic) by Rachel Cron The Ballad Untold by Mandy Anstine Rock You Like a Hurricane [Sirenic 1] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Jo Anne Kenrick Strings Attached by Mandy Baggot The Dance [Evergreen Dynasty Series] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Jami Davenport (About a washed up singer-songwriter after a scandal) When I Remember Love by Trish Silver Taste Me by Tamara Hogan The Cowboy Plan (country singer) by Denise Belinda Mc Donald Public Secrets by Nora Roberts Wanted: One Groom by Pat Ballard (has-been rock star agrees to marry Hanna to save her inheritance) The Black Sheep by Laura Leone (paper book only) The Black Sheep: Fame #2 by Laura Leone Wishful Thinking by Lynette Sofras Just one kiss by Pascale 1 Blue Silver: Lost Our Forever by Natalie J. Damschroder Pianist Envy by Helen Hardt (he’s a pianist, she’s a rock star) Jane by April Lindner (modern retelling of ‘Jane Eyre,’ but Mr.

[The Heartbreakers Series, Book I] by Caitlyn Willows Crazy On You [The Heartbreakers Series, Book II] by Caitlyn Willows If Looks Could Kill [The Heartbreakers Series, Book III] by Caitlyn Willows Magic Man [The Heartbreakers Series, Book IV] by Caitlyn Willows Kaleidoscope by Blanche Marriott Scheming and Dreaming in Los Angeles (Born to Sing) by Donna Del Oro (R&B singer) Van Night by L. Zingera Coming Home (Jackson Falls Series) by Laurie Breton Mind Rider by Jane Carver Exposing Dallas by Lindsay Mawson (Murder/Mystery revolving around a famed musician) Songbirds by KJ Reed Black Wolf: Lakota Man by Magnolia Belle Any Way You Want It by Kathy Love Tantaliser by Rose Middleton Dark Rapture by Michele Hauf (a vampire that has lived for centuries and is now a Rock Star) Seoul Mate by Jules East (erotic romance in South Korea’s rock star world) 1 Behind Blue Eyes: Love Ain’t for Keeping by Anne-Marie Klein 2 Behind Blue Eyes: Love Reign O’er Me by Anne-Marie Klein Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning (author of Unsticky) (Paper books only) WOW! I have plenty to read for the rest of the year so excited !!! Tattoos, Leather and Studs by Brenda Whiteside this one is only like 20 something pages, very short. Kellan Kyle is not only my favorite of all of the rock stars so far (hrmmmm… ) but he is also one of my absolute favorite book guys. #1 of my #1′s with a few of my other “top” #1′s!!!! Another on the list that I gave 5 stars to by MADversary by Jade Jamison which I just LOVED!! Rochester is a rock star) Laura’s Secrets by Shannon Greenland (has great reviews, but paper book only – no downloads) JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien (I gathered from the reviews that these are mystery/(some) romance.

They are not sorted by rating, or preference or review rank or anything like that, since I haven’t read the majority of them… Rochester is a rock star) Laura’s Secrets by Shannon Greenland (has great reviews, but paper book only – no downloads) JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien (I gathered from the reviews that these are mystery/(some) romance.

(oh and a couple might be “country stars” but they’re famous, and sexy and you know… For some reason these books are only offered in paper, no downloads.) 1 Rock and Roll Never Forgets – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 2 While My Guitar Gently Weeps – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 3 London Calling – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 4 Graceland – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 5 Book of Days – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 6 Uncle John’s Band – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien 7 Dead Flowers – JP Kinkaid Mystery Series by Deborah Grabien Rock & Roll Mystery Series by RJ Mc Donnell (not romance, but looks like good suspenseful mysteries): 1 Rock & Roll Homicide (Rock & Roll Mystery Series) by RJ Mc Donnell 2 Rock & Roll Rip-Off (Rock & Roll Mystery Series) by RJ Mc Donnell 3 The Concert Killer (Rock & Roll Mystery Series) by RJ Mc Donnell Having fun surfing the Amazon product tags. 3 (here they are again): Heart of Rock by Karyn Gerrard Dangerously Close (Adrenaline Highs) by Dee J.

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