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Rome-centric offshoot Locanda is no disappointing expansion move, however.The Rome specialties, like Jewish-style artichokes and a soulful bowl of tripe, are legit studs when compared to their peers in the actual city of Rome (trust us).The wine selection is also carefully curated, but very accessible, and you never have to worry about price, because every glass is and every bottle is .The Campania by way of Marina (and now Oakland and Tokyo) stalwart caused this city to transfer its Euro allegiances from France to Italy just over a decade ago.Its owners worked with Mario Batali and at Brooklyn’s definitive neighborhood restaurant, Franny’s, while recently added Chef Dante Cecchini is well-known from his days at Marlowe.Now he’s proving that pastoral Italian grandma’s cooking can be invigorating -- just try the al dente chitarra pasta and tomato braised chicken that, in other hands, could be boring.

The outdoor patio and hidden entrance are enough to be entranced by Sociale -- but luckily the food and wine are just as majestic.

The pasta is consistently spot-on al dente and the bar mixes darn fine Amaro-based cocktails to round out the deal.

Note that brunch is also excellent (and no lines in the Mission!

And as we’re dominating the hill category, we too have a competitive offering of Italian cuisines.

We're talking straight-up red sauce joints, Northern Italian and Sardinian, Cal-Ital and pastry shops, as well as high-end, gastronomic contemporary Italian destinations.

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