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It's good that she is still there with me in spirit and I can connect with her fully and understand what's gone on in more detail and more reasons and I can sense her around me permanently.'I was on a scooter then and she was literally like hugging me from behind and stroking my hair, so yeah I look forward to my mum coming here and I've got to go to a police station today and the British Embassy is helping me as well.

'I've just got to take one moment at a time and I need to work out what's going to happen with her, what to do with all her stuff, organise all things to do with her and stuff.

It would have been nice to have access to her Facebook and You Tube but I don't because her laptop and her phone both got run over as well.'What I would say is at least it was a quick death, at least it was not a slow painful death and at least she didn't just get massively injured like losing her arms and her legs and losing the baby while still being alive because that would be absolute torture and she'd be wanting to die.'What I will say is I'm the type of person that has existentialist abilities and very good intuitive abilities and other different things that I would call metaphysical abilities so yeah I am talking with her spirit.'She was very very angry at first with me and angry that she wasn't here anymore which is understandable because she didn't want to leave then.

But yeah she was angry for a while and now she's started to calm down a few hours after and started communicating with me yesterday.'She was telling me to look after myself and not to blame myself and love myself and she was just being very compassionate and empathic and I'm just communicating with her and asking her questions.

Another parenting You Tube channel, 'Sophie's Joy Family vlog', which had more than 4,000 subscribers and a million views.

Her last video, posted the day before she died, shows John, Shaye's father who lives in Bangkok, spending time with them in a hotel pool and at a water park.

A woman had been knocked off by a lorry and her boyfriend was really upset.

It is believed the lorry driver, a 30-year-old local man, handed himself into police after initially fleeing the scene.

Melissa Weller wrote: 'RIP Sophie she was a inspiration to many women.' Rebecca Mulligan said: 'I am very sorry for your your loss Danny, Sophie was beautiful and an inspiration to many people.' Bella Valkyria commented: 'Danny this breaks my heart.

Life goes on, it's going to be a very intense time for me to emotionally process this.

None of my family have ever been out to Thailand in the year-and-a-half we've been here but my mum is literally on a flight which will be here at 6pm which I'm really grateful for because I really need her.'She didn't deserve this.

Yesterday at 12 in the afternoon we were on a scooter - I'll explain the story first and then tell you what's going on with me.

'We were on a scooter and we were on quite a big road with multiple lanes and driving straight forward and I want to clarify this because I've read there's loads of newspaper reports and people saying that I went to overtake a parked car.'This is complete misinformation. She's meant to be having my baby in three months, she's my twin flame, the person that understood me the most.'We had our ups and downs, just like everybody did in their relationships, but never had somebody that understood me so much.'She meant the world to me, and I meant the world to her. The person that I feel sorry for the most is her little boy, Shaye, who's five years old.

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