Sasuke and sakura dating

After their break up, he becomes cold and quiet, only talking when strictly necessary and usually with a cold tone.

Sakura is Sasuke's main love interest throughout the series, together they form the main couple of the story.

After she sees her plans screwed, she is seen hanging out with Suigetsu and seems to forget about Sasuke.

He has black hair and black eyes, and he usually wears Konoha's uniform, through his outfit constantly changes during the Summer Vacations arc.Shikamaru and Sasuke attend the same class, and are shown to have a good relationship in chapter 4, when Sasuke comments that it was weird to see him outside his house due to the fact that it was probably, for Shikamaru, "too troublesome" to go anywhere.Shikamaru replies that it was actually a miracle that Sakura had gotten Sasuke out of his house too.Although they went to the same class, not much interaction was shown between them until Ino's "date" in chapter 2, where Sasuke calls Sakura annoying after she commented how annoying it was to come with their parents to the mall when they were little.This makes her upset, and she goes to cry to the bathroom.

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