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an economy, but also how many workers are allocated…

goods and services not only determine what and how much is produced…

The degree of government restrictions differs greatly between countries that have command economies and countries that have free market economies.

In the former, resources are allocated by central government planning.

A free market economy has no goverment intervention. Modern economies in the West are mixed and rely mainly on the market but with a large dose of government intervention.

Between the two main types lies the mixed economy where market and government are both of importance. Goods of the both groups are consumed by the people who buy them. A government planning office decides what will be produced, how it will be produced, and for whom it will be produced. Resource allocation decisions are being made every day in every city, mostly through the mechanisms of markets and prices.

A lot of books are translated from English into Russian every year. The degree of government restrictions differs greatly between countries that have command economies and countries that have free market economies.

The optimal level of government intervention remains a problem which is of interest to economists. A building society is a financial organization whose purpose is to help people buy houses or flats. The former is typical of mixed economies, the latter is typical of command economies. Economists' recommendations may be of high value to governments but governments do not always rely on them. The study of economics is of great use even to those students who have no wish to become professional economists. Basic problems of economics are of great importance to every economist, while specific problems of farm economics are mostly of interest to economists who study agriculture. Since economists cannot make experiments, collecting and using information from a large number of past years is of practical importance for analysing and solving problems of today. Professional marketing services are of great value to producer's and sellers. Economic statistics are of interest to economic policy decision-makers. – In a command economy all decisions about production and consumption are made by the government. The government made all resources allocation decisions in the Soviet Union. Prices regulate consumption and production in a market economy. In a mixed economy the government does not entirely regulate exchange of goods. The economists are monitoring the prices and levels of consumption of different goods and services. Economics analyses society's production and consumption levels. The company has made a decision to start producing new machines. Economists had studied and discussed the ideas of Karl Marx for over sixty years before Russians put them into life. If we allocate enough resources to agriculture, we will achieve a high level of production.

In industrial Western countries markets are to allocate resources. a free-market economy, economic decisions are made…

Knowledge of foreign languages may be of great importance to everybody. The central economic problem is to reconcile the conflict between people's unlimited demands with society's ability to produce goods and services.

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