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But no one expected to hit a program when they sent me BITNET chat messages.

This goes back to an "Eliza" AI chat program (see What is an "Eliza" program?

You could say therefore that my program passed the "Turing Test" (see What is the Turing Test? During this time, my machine's brutal cross-examination forces a remarkable admission: * when was the last time you had sex 05/02/89 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: yesterday.

05/02/89 :2 * ok honestly when was the last time you got laid 05/02/89 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: i told you it was yesterday.

Someone from Drake University, Iowa, USA (the node DRAKE on BITNET) where it is early afternoon.

He stays talking until 9.39pm Irish time, unaware that no one is at home.

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"one of the funniest experiments ever performed in computer science ..

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