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Some exemptions from charges are made for pedigree stock that are being consigned to pedigree shows or show and sale.Please see exports controls for pigs, cattle, and sheep in related links for requirements.If you are planning to export cattle to the UK - DEFA Agriculture requires the following information at least* 3 working days prior to the lairage, in order to prepare the 'Export Health Certificate': * For email applications please allow 3 working days notice; for any other type of application (for example, post or fax) please allow 4 working days.If you are planning to export to the EU (not including UK) then the department require 10 days notice upon receipt of the completed EU application form. While DEFA Agriculture expects to be able to provide the service to all exporters meeting the above criteria there will be occasions where other duties or numerous requests for inspections will exceed the staffing resources.

Most lambs are brought to market at about 6 to 8 months old.

Many Americans think of lamb as a springtime food, but it can be enjoyed year round.

The following information answers many questions callers have asked the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline about lamb. Sheep (Ovine) carcasses are classified as lamb, yearling mutton, or mutton depending on their age as evidenced by their muscles and bones.

“It can outcompete native vegetation, eventually pushing native grasses and shrubs out of their normal habitat.

Cheatgrass plants also create an exceptional fuel bed for wildfire and can be a threat to surrounding communities.” The Forest has contracted with the Borda Land & Sheep Company out of Gardnerville, Nevada, to perform the grazing projects.

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Grazing will continue through the end of the cheatgrass growing season in mid-summer.

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