Should you be friends before dating someone

So if you’re asking ‘should I stay friends with my ex’?

—consider these tips and words of wisdom before answering: You see it in the paper every day.

Someone throws away a prominent career because they have fallen in love (or lust) with someone they shouldn’t.

This person knows that it is a bad idea, but controlling our emotions in this way takes a discipline that most folks can’t muster.

They have their separate friend groups, maintain a few similar interests like movies or TV shows, and spend their Friday nights at dinner, watch a movie, and go to bed.

Maybe some people get more creative, but your relationship consists of chilling in your room together, maybe both on your laptops or watching TV, perfectly content with doing nothing but hanging out with each other.

Your guy is coming over to eat pizza and watch movies all night?

It’s not even a thought that you’re staying in your sweats and probably not washing your hair.

That obscure band you’re still secretly in love with since you were a kid?

And you’ve got no problem jamming out in the dorkiest way possible, with no fear of judgment whatsoever.

Some couples easily fall into a pattern of “dating.�?

Here are 10 things that only happen when you date your best friend.

No matter how your relationship started out, you and your guy seriously have a lot in common.

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Best friends know each other inside out; there’s no shame in dressing like a slob or staying in instead of going out.

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