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1970 ABC, Christmas Album, Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5 Third Album - - .

, , Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground), This Place Hotel Can You Feel It.

If only God could give us one more chance To light him up when his path was dark. If only we could turn back time, So we could say "in your sorrow, we'll comfort you". Especially At night when in the magnificent universe above, the Brightest star of all shines, we know it's him. You arc the compass in my life when I’m lost, You gave me hope when I needed it most.

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If only we could turn back time, And there he would be again, this young Boy, telling our whole life with his words.

If only we could turn back time, We could see him moonwalk across The stage again as his smile lights Up the skies.

I love you Michael, I really do, You’re always on my mind, and I’ll pray for you. Child and man, today I still see you In this unchanged light.

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Now, you’re free from anguish and pain; No more despair and sorrow again. Neither shawms, nor fanfares Telling of this mirthful hour, And the world hasn't learned What is this time on every lip.

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