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Overnight in Cairo (Meals on your own) Transfer to the Five Star Fairmont Heliopolis Towers Hotel by the Airport.

Relax and enjoy the hotel beautiful restaurants, shops and amenities.

Join Lee Carroll and Kryon in a grand sacred journey of a lifetime!

Visit some of the most awe-inspiring, breathtaking, timeless and riveting places on earth.

However, what really shocked me was that Elan had scheduled private time for our group to go to a few very, very popular and famous places like the Temple of Isis, Temple of Horus, Karnac and Shrine of Sekhmet, the Sphinx, and inside the Great Pyramid the King’s Chamber.. I will always remember channelling at these places in private, and absorbing the grand history without massive crowds around us.

We recently finished a very fast-paced 9-minute video of our 2017 trip, and you can view it . You can clearly see us walking around some of these grand places with nobody around but the Kryon group.

So I wasn’t surprised that we were going first class.

As current cycles are ending and new ones are emerging it is time to remember, honor and integrate sacred wisdom into our lives.Our journey will be a living book of experiences as we share the gifts of the moment.We will go beyond time and space and remember our divine essence.Encoded within us are the keys that will unlock the mysteries again enabling us to realize greater harmony, peace and higher purpose.We will integrate within ourselves the most powerful cosmic energies to help activate our cellular memories.

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