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Schweitzer and her colleagues included over 20 microscopic images of the soft tissue that was recovered from the dinosaur bone.Schweitzer and her colleagues carried out an experiment in which they applied a weak acid to demineralize the dinosaur bone.in orig.) –‘a wise response, given the negative response from the scientific community to her 1997 discovery in which she mentioned blood cells from dinosaur tissue.In that article she described the moment in the laboratory in which it became apparent: “The lab filled with murmurs of amazement, for I had focused on something inside the vessels that none of us had ever noticed before: tiny round objects, translucent red with a dark center.

However, the fascinating part of this report was in the pictures.

Scientists are questioning how this soft protein material can be so fresh when it was discovered in “70 million year old bones.” Maybe the question they should be asking is: “Are we sure these bones are so old, given that they contain such fresh proteins and elastic soft tissue?

” In the conclusion of their report, Schweitzer and her colleagues noted: “However, we demonstrate the retention of pliable soft-tissue blood vessels with contents that are capable of being liberated from the bone matrix, while still retaining their flexibility, resilience, original hollow nature, and three-dimensionality.... rex also contains flexible and fibrillar bone matrices that retain elasticity” (355).

Carbon Dating Carbon-14 abundant In Dinosaur Bones And Fossils December 26, 2015 1.

Evolutionary Position Archeologists do not use carbon dating when determining ages on samples such as dinosaur bones, supposed human missing links, or fossils, but, rather, age such samples based on what is called “relative dating” 1. Rex’ and later READ MORE Topic: Dinosaur Soft Tissue Discovered August 2005 Secular position: Some new and previously unknown fossilization process has preserved these soft tissues for millions of years.

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” That question has been recast into the spotlight as researchers made an amazing announcement.

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