Things to know when dating a muslim man

As We Believe In ONE God And Christainty And Jewish Believe Ine One God Any Ways Feel Free To contact Me On Furthur Help Hi hun, I married a muslim even converted.But wasn't very happy with it, beautiful religion but it does mean a whole life change.I have started to now think about the fact he is a muslim and what, if any, future we could have together. I'm guessing that he isn't strict muslim as he doesn't go to mosque very much, if ever, drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes. I am Catholic, though no longer practise and have an 8 yr old from a previous relationship, but was never married.I would love to think we may have a future but I don't want to convert. Thanks Hi Claire, Hmm, you are in the same situation as my parents.

If he is non practicing why is it an issue for you?

I have heard of the kinds of stories that you both have spoken about and am just trying to go in with my eyes open and all scenarios considered. I am married to a muslim and I have to honest: things can get very difficult.

I have read a lot about Islam and I think its a beautiful religion and I have no problem with my kids being raised as muslims.

My children are learning to read the Quran and they know about Islam but I am exposing them to that side of their heritage only because they may decide to follow Islam properly when they are able to choose and I dont want them to turn around to me and say that I hindered them buy not teaching them the basics.

Having said that, I would hope for them to marry a Muslim or even someone from DH's culture.

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