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His acting talents were on a par with interchangeable 1980's soap opera stars? Billy was so hot as a space pirate on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." And the homoerotic tension between him and Wesley was palpable. Dating women in Europe and you wouldnt know any of them is pretty lame............ Whereas someone like Tom Hardy can deliver the unexpected and element of danger.I lived on the same quiet block in the West Village as Billy and Jennifer Connelly when they were dating in the 90s and often saw them walking around in a highly affectionate manner. When Martin sees him in the cafe and comments about how handsome he is, to Frasers chagrin, is a funny scene since dad is a Mo in real life! I think that's where Joss Whedon got the idea for "Firefly.""The Rocketeer" came out about the time that young people were deciding they had no interest whatsoever in "period" motion pictures, and unfortunately it was a movie with a young adult target audience that was set in the 30s with scrupulous period detail. She broke it off and Maupin talked about how Billy cried his heart out over it IIRC on the set of Tales. He s 52 and never married and no kids, for Hollywood straight stars that s almost unheard of. Colin Farrell was almost a lookalike if you think of him in Minority Report.I'm sure the physical display wasn't only for my sake. He was pretty hilarious in that Frasier episode in which he more or less played himself as the perfect man. But even in that small part he radiated something beyond mere handsomeness. As was said upthread, he was dull as dishwater in Dynasty.

Following his "Star Trek" appearances he went on to other TV roles before starring in "Grace Under Fire." But the series was shortlived amid an alleged substance abuse scandal involving the show’s star, actress Brett Butler, and Jon quit acting at 12.He seems to be kind of eccentric in his personal life as he ages to say the least. He's very good looking but it's like he doesn't try anymore.He played a wealthy lawyer in that Ricky Gervais movie Ghost Town,the character he played was supposed to be a humorless stuffed shirt but he just played it as if the guy were some kind of emotionless drone. A bit of trivia: the role of Riker on Star Trek TNG came down to him and Jonathan Frakes. Probably doesn't like to make waves with his family. “We’ve lost our singer, but far, far more than that we’ve lost a friend. Jon Paul Steuer March 27, 1984 - January 1, 2018.” A cause of death is yet to be determined according to the Willamette Week, which broke the tragic news. “He was only with us for a little more than a year, but we managed to cram a lifetime of great experiences into his tenure as our singer: dozens shows at home in Portland and across several states, an amazing European tour, and our best full-length release yet.

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