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They come from civilizations that actually practice "human dignity and rights," "individual sovereignty," "social justice," "consent of the governed," and "equality of opportunity".

Anyway, they say, "We are at war here, and we are fighting on your behalf as well as our own." They must practice these social values, because they possess technology that would totally eliminate individuality if they did not have sufficient social, political, and ethical knowledge to keep the technology under control.

Christians in Heaven are kept in a perpetual state of religious ecstasy which activates their psychic powers under the control of their Gods.

This collective energy is then channeled to perform necessary functions.

This includes most of the medieval Popes and other religious leaders notorious for being cynical and power-hungry.

It also includes many famous occult leaders, from Cagliostro down to .

There are many many examples of the practice of magic within our society. The questions and answers that appear in the text are actually the result of several iterations of review and discussion.That technology was used to send them here, but they were not able to bring their equipment with them. Had they not intervened, the human race would have evolved in directions that posed a serious threat to their own worlds and space colonies.Although there must have been other interventions over a long period of time, the intervention of the Invisible College took place in the late Middle Ages. So they are fighting a "preventive war" on their own behalf, but they also feel the overwhelming majority of Earth people will support their cause once they are able to explain the situation fully.Since there is at the moment no other way for readers to gain access to the ideas or information expressed in Wi H, I am undertaking to summarize the key points here, and where appropriate on various pages of the Open SETI website. Astral souls may or may not equate to higher selves as discussed in .Use the Open SETI search engine to locate specific information related to Wi H. Spirits are simply astral souls operating without somatic souls and physical bodies.

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Their societies live with this threat, and we will eventually have to live with it too.

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