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The single cast-iron certainty about English and European football over the next few seasons is that it will yield plenty of disappointment among rich and powerful men accustomed to getting their way.

At any rate, scarcely had Sheikh Mansour completed his takeover in September 2008, at a stroke of the fountain pen transforming the club from perennial also-rans into serious trophy-hunters, than a City-supporting friend of mine phoned me and said, gloomily, "It's bound to end in tears ...His decision to make Manchester City his piggy bank is certainly an intriguing one, City having laboured for so long in the shadow of Manchester United.Moreover, City fans have endured more than their reasonable share of heartbreak these past couple of decades, even plunging for a season into the third tier of English football.The question worth very much more than ,000 is, therefore: will Sheikh Mansour keep playing with his new toy if it doesn't bring him quite the joy he hoped, or will he throw it out of the pram?It is perhaps an unfortunate metaphor, because he is said to be an engaging, decent, responsible fellow, with a genuine love for sport.

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  1. On May 4," Fortier continues, "Foucault announced the arrival of eighty more Acadians, whom he intended to send to the Attakapas; and on May 18, of forty-eight Acadian families, which he sent also to the Opelousas and the Attakapas.