United kindom dating and marriage cukture

For this reason we ask that all prospective members upload their picture as it will benefit you to find a new wife or husband.As 'alternative' as this may be, a lot of stress is caused from the effects of monogamy: cheating, lower income, stress, no sisterhood and the hard work of bringing up a family with only 2 adults.

-- as well as other more entrepreneurial and adventurous minded men and women of all ethnic groups.

The findings show that traditional values in mate-selection preferences persist more in China than in the United Kingdom and indicate that, despite a profound social revolution over the last two decades, a relatively conservative sexual culture still exists in China today.

Traditional morality and attitudes prevail especially among women.

This paper reports a survey carried out among 505 university students in China and 338 students in the United Kingdom.

The survey included questions on attitudes toward mate-selection preferences, marriage, and sexual behavior.

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