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The UAA reserves the right to deny the reproduction of any of its holdings due to preservation concerns for a particular item.Legislation concerning personal information, copyright and individual donor restrictions may also restrict reproduction of certain items.Since 2001 the UAA no longer provides photographic print repoduction services.The Archives offers instead digital scans of photographs and other graphic material.

The UAA provides in-house guidelines for digital scans based on original format.Other specifications, such as requested size of digital reproduction, can be applied upon request.Items that exceed the 22cm x 30cm maximum dimension of a desktop scanner cannot be scanned at the archives.Federal government copyright legislation applies to the records in the UAA and the Archives endeavors to properly apply copyright regulations and supply researchers with copies of desired material. These distinctions do not reflect archival fomats and there may exist several rights within a single archival document.Copyright is an attempt to balance two occaisionally competing interests: the creators' right over their creations and the public's interest in access to such creations. Where the Archives does not hold copyright there are still exemptions under which copies may be reproduced.

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