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Rather than being a simple running the installer, the only way to successfully install Any Connect is by invoking the web based installer which invokes the epitomes of reliability - Active X (after giving the VPN server key full trusted party status) and the Java Runtime plugin.This Cisco contraption fails to work for mysterious reasons 9 out of 10 times.Error Correction Levels: Level L, Level M, Level Q, Level H.With: restore 7% data, restore 15% data, restore 25% data, restore 30% data.I can recommend, from personal experience, in squandered money, time, that you avoid Cisco!It's like tying a boat anchor around your neck as you swim the channels of business, when you buy Cisco.I groan about the Bill Gates Windows cognitive tax - any job you try to do requires 20% overhead to fuss with some Windows crash, bug, etc. After a little digging around in Google, I came across this: How to Install, Configure and Use the Cisco Any Connect VPN for Windows 7, Vista and XP - OIT Help Desk The following quote is at the bottom of the page: Known Issue Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is not compatible with the VPN client.

Our company buys Cisco because we have some mysterious theory that it is more reliable than other brands, because it is Cisco. Cisco support is ponderously slow and the support guys on the phone barely understand the equipment.

(I didn't spot any "Network Status and Tasks" icon in control panel, that is mentioned your quote.) After this disabling, and rebooting, the VPN Client Installed perfectly. What I observed is that the Cisco installer contraption is very strange; it downloads the somehow as an Active X control.

If that fails, it seems to try to download it again and get the Java client to invoke it?

Once that was done, the client would once in a while talk to my company again.

Adding misery to the process is the awful web based installer for Any Connect.

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