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Depending on the speed of the USB drive used it can be anything from fifteen to forty-five seconds before anything appears on the screen.After installing with a 32-bit bootloader booting sometimes results just in a blank/coloured (e.g. To prevent this and to ensure a successful boot it is best boot through the BIOS menu followed by selecting the Ubuntu option.

The USB can then be used to boot from after powering-on the device.If dual booting with Windows I recommend installing/re-installing 64-bit Windows to circumvent this issue if your device supports it.Previous Update: Whilst two ISO sets of various Ubuntu flavours for both 16.04.1 and 16.10 releases are provided, I recommend first trying one of the 16.10 ISOs as these are the most recent and incorporate the latest kernel, patch sets and fixes based on previous releases and feedback.I have also created a new update script 4.8.0-26.28 containing the latest Yakkety kernel build which has been released to address the 'Dirty COW bug' or CVE-2016-5195 (see or which is a privilege escalation vulnerability involving a race condition in handling copy-on-write breakage of private read-only memory mappings.I have also re-spun the ISOs and the above links now point to the updated ISOs.

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I've also included the latest patches that try to reduce the random freezes that have been known to occur.

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