Updating dataset using datagrid

Instead, a Data Reader is limited to accessing the records in sequential order, from the first one to the last one, one record at a time.Data Sets are a more complex and feature-rich object than Data Readers.Remember, the Data Reader is just a ferry of data between the application and database.Understandably, it cannot ferry information back from the database after the connection has been severed.

NET version 1.x or on topics that are not version 2.0-specific... NET Basics] | [Working with Web Controls] | [Displaying Data] | [Advanced Data-Driven Tasks] | [Network Functions] | [Caching] | [Web Services] | [Software Design Principles and Best Practices] | [Application Architecture] | [XML] | [Examining ASP.

NET SIG and during my talk I mentioned how I, personally, rarely, if ever, use Data Sets in my ASP.

NET applications, sticking with the good ol' Data Reader instead.

Next, the Data Reader is created and acts as a bridge between the . For example, you might use code like the following: ' Establish Connection Dim my Connection as New Sql Connection(connection string) my Connection.

Open() ' Create command Dim my Command as New Sql Command(SQL query or stored procedure, my Connection) ' Create a Data Reader to ferry information back from the database Dim my Reader as Sql Data Reader my Reader = my Command. End While ' Close the connection (will automatically close the reader) my Connection.

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Furthermore, a Data Reader is limited to being read-only and forward-only.

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