Updating firmware for cd dvd burners

Hello all, I have problems finding drivers for two cd/dvd burners. DVDRW IDE 16x ( I believe it to be a Lite-on)The computer is a Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 2400 running Windows XP SP3.

And if it happens to be a DVD-RW disc, the same thing goes.

I used an application called DVD Identifier to do the job.

It’s just a matter of popping in the blank disc, running the application and clicking the Identify button on the BD-R/-RE tab.

Installing or uninstalling burning software can frequently cause the issue you're seeing and removing the mentioned entries should fix the problem.: this helps. Since you didn't tell any details, and only shared it is XP (the one without service packs) the news is quite grim.

With the OS out of date I don't think DVD FLICK can help.

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