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What is the impact of the loss of eligibility for Title IV, HEA on medical students?The Medical Program will continue operating with its same high quality standards.UNIBE’s academic program has the purpose to educate physicians who responds to national and international requirements; who are committed to offer quality attention and to act efficiently and compassionately in a variety of medical care settings, with an emphasis on primary care.“To promote the education of physicians with the knowledge, skills and values required to adequately respond to the health needs of society, promote an integral, human, ethical and innovative approach to patient care, by applying leadership skills, critical attitude, and a commitment to lifelong learning”.The Financial Aid Office will offer support through a Help Team where students will be assisted individually in academic, financial or counselling matters.

The program maintains its international approvals and licenses.Is the quality of the medical program affected by this development?The Medical Program maintains its quality standards. Accreditation was renewed on august 2016 for a five-year period.The School of Medicine is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Dominican Republic (MESCy T).Accreditation was renewed on august 2016 for a five-year period.

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