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Yes it is cheap, in both price and reputation....although I prefer to call it salacious ;) It is definitely a suggestive scent but still SO wearable in the right amount, which is one spray. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of love for both Poison and Shalimar, but Tabu just has that certain something that makes me go through a 3 oz bottle quicker than I do my 1 oz bottles of everything else.. I beg anyone that loves oriental heavies to give this one a try, and see if you don't fall in love..I'll start out the day wearing one fragrance, and end up ending the day with Tabu.. :) This is the Tabu experience: I'm wearing a dab of patchouli and a dusting of baby power while enjoying a root beer float that probably contains some liqueur and I'm making clove orange pomanders.

It's sexy, but in a friendly sort of way, not so aggressive and in-your-face as YSL Opium.Warm oriental base includes amber, resins, civet and precious woods – sandal and patchouli. Perhaps this was a scent that was exotic, dangerous or seductive in 1932; in 2018 it smells like a teenage girl's shoplifted it from American Eagle and is now bumming cigarettes outside a 7/11. As I morosely sat sniffing it on myself I thought, "This smells cheap... I'm going to wear this next time I go on a Tinder date. A friend of mine had the pleasure of dancing with Patsy Cline back in the 1950s. Before searching for a vintage bottle on e Bay, I’ve found a gorgeous gift set on amazon, including - 75ml Eau De Cologne Spray - 75ml Perfumed Body Lotion - 75ml Perfumed Body Wash - 50g Dusting Powder - Refillable Purse Spray with incredibly low price, so why not.I was so excited to try this after reading its history- 1932, "perfume for a whore," and all that. This occurred at a club in the Washington, DC area, when he was around 18. My cat immediately jumped off my lap, as soon as I opened the edc spray cap. I decided to use the body wash first which was too dandy for me but finished it up anyway after runningout of my usual body wash.I have so many perfumes, some rather expensive that I should be using more, but I always come back to Tabu as my favorite.Crushes come and go but true love lasts forever right? Any more than that and yes it is cumbersome and "cheap"... But one spray is perfection..the notes play and blend so well together into such a rich and complex array of rose, patchouli, amber, spices, sandalwood, incense, civet, dusty sweet treasure chest wood.. I used to say Poison Esprit de Parfum was "my Shalimar" but actually Tabu is it.

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Tabu has been around longer than I have so I've had a lot of years to decide whether or not I like it. Very grounding scent for cold weather that won't break the bank.

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